The Name Dilophosaurus Means:

2 Crested Lizard

Dilophosaurus Power Is:


Dilophosaurus represents the power of presence and adaptability. Its intimidating nature reminds us of the strength that comes from projecting confidence and asserting our presence in the world. Dilophosaurus also teaches us the importance of adaptability and flexibility in navigating life’s challenges. By embracing our own adaptability and projecting a confident presence, we can tap into our personal power and thrive in ever-changing circumstances.

Dilophosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived during the Early Jurassic period, around 193 million years ago. The name Dilophosaurus means “two-crested lizard”, referring to the distinctive crests on the animal’s skull. It was a large predator, measuring up to 20 feet in length and weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

Dilophosaurus had long, powerful legs and a long, flexible tail, which it likely used to maintain balance while running. Its jaws were lined with sharp teeth and it had a pair of sharp claws on each hand. Dilophosaurus has been found in North America and Africa, suggesting that it had a wide range. The discovery of Dilophosaurus was the first evidence of a large, carnivorous dinosaur in the Early Jurassic.

Thanks to Hollywood’s movie magic, Dilophosaurus is portrayed as a venom-spitting frilled-neck lizard. However, there is ZERO evidence that this dinosaur had any of these features.

Dilophosaurus PADDOCK IS SECURE!