Get Face to Face with a Velociraptor!

Now offering exclusive Onyx the Velociraptor appearances in the Denver, Colorado area. Fun, interactive and IN YOUR FACE! Get face-to-face with a velociraptor and contact us below.


Please contact us about climate controlled indoor shows or 2024.

Local Park Experience

Onyx has gotten out away from her handler. Can you get her back to safety? Pick your favorite Denver park. Includes special gift t-shirt from Onyx.
(30 min show - weather permitted)

At Your Location

Host Onyx at your location. Onyx's handlers need your help to get Onyx back to the van and away from your neigbors cat. Includes special gift t-shirt from Onyx.
(30 min show - space & weather permitted)
Meeting a dinosaur is a big deal. Here are some questions & answers.

The amount of pre-planning needed for Onyx’s shows at our local park is relatively low because the size and space requirements are already in place. However, when we visit private homes and event spaces, we typically spend more time researching the location using GPS to determine the best plan for the day of the event. This helps us ensure that we can safely and smoothly transport Onyx to the venue and that there is adequate space for her to perform.

Please note that due to her size, Onyx can only enter venues with adequate space. At 14 feet long and nearly 8 feet tall, she cannot fit through most standard doorways and requires at least 20 feet of clearance in all directions. If you have any concerns about Onyx’s access to your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Our 30-minute show, led by Onyx’s dedicated trainer, provides a fun and interactive way to learn about Onyx and dinosaurs in general, play catch with and train Onyx, have a dino dance party to your favorite song, and take memorable photos with your guests. And as a special touch, the guest of honor will receive a surprise gift t-shirt from Onyx herself. At Denver Dinosaurs, we’re committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

To add to your dinosaur party experience, Denver Dinosaurs also has a variety of DIY pintables (coloring pages) and content you can share with your guests. Visit our Freebies page for more info.

Onyx typically needs a break after about 30 minutes of performing to rest and recharge. If you’re interested in a longer show, we offer custom rates to accommodate your needs. However, please note that all of Onyx’s appearances are kept within a 30-minute window to ensure that she stays healthy and happy. Please contact us for special rates on longer shows and full day programming.


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