Denver Dinosaurs is a creative project from the heart and soul of Next Week Productions‘ Lead Experience Designer, Christopher Bones.  DD is a culmination of science, technology & entertainment coming from the love and admiration for everything dinosaurs. 

Transplanting to Denver, Colorado from Fort Lauderdale, FL in the Summer of 2018. Learning from his successful hot dog cart, Frankie Dogs Gourmet, Chris took that spirit of street culture mixed with Denver’s blossoming tourist culture to create truly unique and almost WTF experiences.

“Dinosaurs are loved and cherished by all and not just children. And much like children, their entities deserve to be free, to be respected and protected. Dinosaurs are meant to be admired and not turned into monster-like abominations. Here at DD, I aim to put the heart, love and science back into these marvelous creatures. To entertain that bringing dinosaurs back to life is enough. No further chaos is necessary, especially in the world we live in today. The chance to create and share my love for dinosaurs to the world.”